Pneumatic Material Handling Systems

To Convey material without dust
Range :
20 kg/hr to 5,000 kg/hr


Salient Features
  • Convey any type of materials (Powder/Granules) without any dusting in the working area.
  • Convey material with no. of bends.
  • Control the flow of Material
  • System available as per your requirement with Negative/Positive pressure and anti-dusting system.



Plastic Machinery and plant, Food and Spice Industries, Chemical Plants, Pharma Industries etc. or any other industry where you want to convey material without dusting in atmosphere.


For Offer send details as below :
  • Density of Material to be convey.
  • Conveying Rate/Hr.
  • Horizontal/Vertical distance & No. of Bends.
Pneumatic Conveying System &
Hopper Loader (For Granules)
Bag Dumping System
Hot Air Drier
Regenerative Blower

Hopper Loader with
Pulse Cleaning System (For powder)
Portable Material Conveying System

Material Feeding to Pouch Packing Machine

Powder Feeding to
Extruder Machine