Centralize Dust Collector

DC 55 Centralize Dust Collector


DC 56 Centralize Dust collector
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Centralize Dust Collector for Boiler
DC 57 Centralize Dust Collector (For Boiler Application)
"AIR KING" Make fabiric Dust Collectors-Bag filter AKPC/AKMC
  • Balanced design to achieve high efficiency.
  • Auto pulse jet cleaning/mechanical shaker cleaning systems available.
  • Low/Medium ratio fabric filter.
  • Low maintecance/Low operation Cost.

The AKPC / AKMC Bag filter utilizes our many years of experience in the field of bag filters. The AKPC/AKMC filter can effectively be used for Saw Mills, Cement Mills, Process Industries, Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical industries and Food Processig Industries with proven Performance.
It has an extensive Air/Gas flow capacity ranging from 500 to 90,000 mł/hr. It can design to work at high temp.up to 300şC.
The bag filter type AKPC/AKMC is a high efficient collector and is intended for manual/ continuous automatic service at low / high air to cloth ratio. It consists essentially of an air tight housing containing filer bags, bag cages, hopper and any dust discharge equipment, compressed air cleanig equipment and timer.
The sust laden Air / Gas entry into the folter is made though a hopper. The inlet at the hopper is provided with baffles and perforated plate which has a dual porpose of collecting coarse paricles and gas distribution. The inlet dust concentration for these filters should be limited to 40 gm/mł.

Cartridge Filter
Wire Cage
Filter Bag
Pulse Cleaning
Pleated Bags
Air Lock Valve


Sequential Timer
Solenoid Valve


Salient Features :
  • Heavy construction with stiffeners.
  • Hopper entry with baffles and plates.
  • Filtration cloth area 8.0 m² to 1500m².
  • Inlet pressure : up to 800 mm WG.
  • Wide chice of bag 4"/6" dia & up to 5 met. length with suitable fabric/Media.
  • Easy installation & maintenance of bags.
  • Well designed-Most efficient venture and cage assembly.
  • 12 / 25 / 40 / 50 NB angle type solenoid diaphragm air pulse valve max. I4 Bags / each valve.
  • Automatic compressed Air - Pulse cleaning at 4-6 kg / cm² pressure, and Air should be as free from water and Oil as
    possible (max. 22 gm of water and 0.02 gm of oil per mł of free air) with sequential timer.
  • The cleaning is done on sequential basis based on bag row selection & continues based on eithe preset on & pause time
    or fabric filter differenital pressure.
  • The dust collected at the hopper (may be pyramidal or trough) is carried away by means of a ratary feeder or a screw conveyour.


(Generic Name)
Temp şC
Max Short
Temp şC
Solvents Oxidizing
Polyester 150 170 Good Good Poor Fair  Good Very Good Poor
Polypropelene 90 100 Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Good Very Good
Polyamide 110 120 Poor Good Good Good Good Good Fair
Polyaramid 200 220 Fair Good Good Good Good Good Fair
130 140 Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
120 130 Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair
190 210 Good Good Fair Good Good Poor Very Good
PTFE 250 260 Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Co-Polymide 240 260 Good Good Poor Good Fair Fair Good

The information is based on fibre manufacturers values and as such intended for guidnce only. For more in depth details on materials suitability please contact our sales department.